My creative practice centers around two distinct, yet congruent, conversations between the exterior world of mass media culture and the interior realm of individual illumination. My work reveals the manipulative and constructed nature of hegemonic culture through the act of détournement. Using mediums that have origins in profit-oriented fields — posters, videos, magazines — I analyze the radiating effects the spectacle has on an audience. My current publication, Freestyle Art Magazine, is an amalgamation of individual poetical discourse and sociopolitical research.

Additionally, I investigate the possibilities of reclaiming these media for the individual by using them for therapeutic expression. My lyrical, single-channel, poetry videos allow me to extract the poison of neurotic, existential melancholy flowing within me and synthesize an antidote to be shared with the public. It is my intention for these works to serve as reminders to an audience that films and videos are fluid media; advertisements and blockbusters are merely one end of a wide spectrum of possibilities.